Truck Farm Omaha to debut at Earth Day Omaha!

Truck Farm Omaha will host its kickoff event at Earth Day Omaha ( in Elmwood Park this Saturday, April 21. Truck Farm is a mobile planted garden in the bed of a 1975 Chevy pickup truck whose mission is to educate Omaha-area youth about healthy eating, environmental sustainability and the benefits of growing one’s own food.  The project will tour the Omaha Metro Area and western Iowa through September.

Truck Farm’s goal at Earth Day is to introduce its concept and invite Omaha area schools and organizations to schedule Truck Farm visits throughout the summer.  Lessons will cover various topics on growing food, from planting and harvesting to composting, tasting, and more.  Lessons will target kids ages 5-12, but we will provide programming for youth of all ages, elementary through high school.  At Earth Day, Truck Farm will be located to south of the main stage.

Please come and say hello!

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