Truck Farmers

quick picElle Lien Lynch (Program Director)

Elle is an advocate for real food – growing it, eating it, and making it accessible to everyone. Elle was a journalist writing about growers, chefs, and food policy before becoming a chef herself and opening Daily Grub, a little farm to plate restaurant with a really big heart. Elle is a graduate of the College of Charleston and has received certification as an organic farm inspector from Independent Organic Inspectors Association and yoga teacher certification from Lotus House of Yoga. She is thrilled to be a part of the Truck Farm team and is dedicated to empowering young people with the knowledge and values to make food choices that are healthy for them, their communities, and their environment.

marandaMaranda Allbritten (Educator)

Maranda hails from Kentucky where she grew up making mud pies and playing on tobacco wagons. A backyard gardener, printmaker, and lover of summer heat, she made her way to Nebraska a few years ago where she completed her MFA in Studio Art from UNL. Maranda rides around as an educator with Truck Farm, brainstorming with Chelsea and getting her hands dirty with a bunch of great kids. When winter’s hibernation is complete, you’ll find Maranda printing t-shirts at the Gifford Park Farmer’s Market, developing youth & outreach programming for Joslyn Art Museum, or digging around in her backyard.


Emily Brant (Social Media Intern) 

Emily comes from a small town in central Missouri where she grew up taking care of her parents and grandparents’ gardens. They had strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, blackberries and more! She graduated from the University of Missouri in 2013 with a major in agribusiness management.  Currently, Emily works as a district sales manager for DEKALB (corn) and Asgrow (soybeans) in southwest Iowa. In addition to supporting Truck Farm Omaha’s social media presence, Emily has many hobbies and talents. New to Omaha, she loves to hang out in Old Market, adventure with friends, attend Mizzou football games, and shop for antiques.

Dan Susman (Advisor/Founder)

Dan grew up planting vegetables in the backyard with his parents. He has worked on a variety of sustainable farms across the country as an environmental educator. He has spent time in various children  museums and as a mentor for middle school students.  Dan served as the Director of the Dartmouth Outdoor Orientation Program, which introduces over 1,100 students to Dartmouth annually through the outdoors.  When he isn’t glued to the computer making movies, you’ll probably find him outdoors playing with his dog, running through the park, or tooling around in the garden.

Andrew Monbouquette (Co-Founder)

Andrew grew up in Omaha afraid to try the tomatoes his Dad grew in the backyard. Fortunately, he has seen the light and developed an intense love and appreciation for locally grown food. Throughout college Andrew volunteered with children in a local elementary. He has also worked as a trainer with kids in the Elkhorn Soccer Club. Andrew is excited about inspiring children to try the same vegetables he used to refuse. When he isn’t working on Growing Cities or Truck Farm he is filming and taking photographs, playing music, watching his favorite soccer team lose, and engaging in the Omaha arts community.

Truck Farm Omaha is looking for responsible, passionate volunteers that support our mission this growing season. We hope to have volunteers with some experience working with children and sustainable agriculture.

Send an email with your background and your vision for involvement to Elle:

Learn more about Andrew and Dan’s movie, Growing Cities, on their website:

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